Abraham Couch

Executive Director

Continue The Legacy. Those three words are what drives Abraham Couch. Abraham is the project manager for EPA. His parents dream is to leave a legacy of hard work, dedication, integrity and commitment, all while using the business they created to find opportunities to help those less fortunate. Abraham has embraced that vision and wants to continue that legacy forward onto the next generation. It helps, of course, that Abe (as he is called) has always found satisfaction from working with his hands and (as in his words) “has never wanted to push pencils in an air-conditioned cubicle”. One of Abe’s biggest achievements was managing the Omni Hotel project in Orlando, FL. However, if you ask Abe some of his proudest achievements are simple suburban house projects. He says it’s through these intimate projects where he gets to see the tangible differences he makes when he sees the faces of happy customers. It’s through those very faces that tell the tale of the legacy Abe is driven to continue.