Marvin Couch


Marvin Couch is the Vice President of EPA. Since the inception EPA Marvin has been here as the backbone of the company. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and soul for gifting, Marvin entered the painting industry in 1973. His vision of building a successful company was realized for several reasons; a strong work-ethic, employee loyalty, and family support! First, he earned customer satisfaction through his tremendous work ethic as he poured his heart and soul into any and every project he touched. Second, he earned employee loyalty and dedication through his generosity and fairness to those that worked alongside him. And third, he earned the support of his family by showing an example of hard work and dedication. Leading a company, while using yourself as the standard for hard work and dedication is a time-consuming endeavor. However, Marvin has found time to follow a related passion — leading numerous missions trips to Central and South America to paint and construct schools, orphanages and other facilities for the oppressed and disenfranchised in our world. EPA’s commitment to bettering the world is not a mere marketing strategy but, comes from a deep conviction that is born out by Marvin’s actions.