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Commercial Services

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When only the highest safety standards will do for your commercial property!

Environmental Painting Alternatives will adhere to only the highest safety standards when providing high-rise exterior services. We guarantee it! Environmental Painting Alternatives can provide the proper paints and coatings, repairs, and theme finishing for you building. As a prominent fixture in the skyline, your building deserves to maintain its best possible visual presence with a company that knows how to work with the special challenges of your building.

Browse through our portfolio below showing some of our work on high-rise buildings. You may click on the photo to see our gallery of photos. Click on the photos in the Picasa Photo Gallery to see a larger, detailed photo.

Commercial Exteriors

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If what's on the outside conveys your character, it's what's on the inside that conveys your heart.

Environmental Painting Alternatives wants to remind you that it's not only your building's exterior appearance that is important. The interior plays an important role in providing the right mood to welcome your guests and/or tenants.

Exterior walls are not the only ones that make an impact. Interior walls can also provide character and even a desired mood for your building. Why not trust a company that offers a variety of options and also guarantees their work?

Browse through our portfolio below showing some of our commercial interior work. You may click on any photo to obtain a larger view of that photo.

Commercial Interiors

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Specialty Coatings and Flooring

Protect your investment from the elements!

Environmental Painting Alternatives offers specialty coating services for your building when painting is just not enough. With a variety of performance coating available, we can help provide the proper protection for your surface without compromising that look you want to achieve.

A professional paint job will beautify your building, but you should also protect its beauty from the elements. That's why Environmental Painting Alternatives offers commercial waterproofing services to protect the problem of water intrusion and the poor air quality that arises from the mold and mildew that occurs from water intrusion.

Browse through our portfolio below showing some of our specialty coating work. You may click on any photo to obtain a larger view of that photo.

Specialty Coatings and Flooring

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There is no commercial job too big or small for Environmental Painting Alternatives. You may also request information or request a quote for your building by contacting us. Please let us know how we can be of service.